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Conference Center Building


Phase 1: Slab

This is the biggest project Purelight Missions ever undertook. We grateful for all the contributions towards the completion of the slab foundation. Roughly R440 000 was spent on this initial phase.

Phase 2: Walls

We anticipate to begin with wall construction as soon as enough funds for cement bag is available. We need about 600 cement bags and about 50 000 bricks to complete. We currently have about 50% of the estimated bricks.

Phase 3: Roofing

To be updated soon.

  • Slab Foundation 100% 100%
  • Walls 25% 25%
  • Roof 0% 0%


Overall Progress

Grain Mill

This project involved constructiong a heavy-duty grain mill machine as well as building an appropriate housing for it. We discovered in the process that the machine would require that we change our electric grid output in order to run it. We are glad to report that God supplied all the funds that were needed for the whole project. Only a R16 000 cable is outstanding.


  • The Building 100% 100%
  • Machine Payment 100% 100%
  • Machine Installation 70% 70%
  • Grid Power Upgrade (Awaiting Installation) 100% 100%
  • Power Cable 0% 0%


Overall Progress

Sewing Industry

To establish the sewing industry required the least amount of money but God has blessed its far reaching influence. It required roughly R15 000 to setup. We bought a heavy duty overlock and a staight-lace machine. This industry is currently operating in our staff kitchen area. The need is to find appropriate housing for it.


Two Machines

  • Housing 0% 0%


Overall Progress