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What you will Learn

Students are instructed in the areas of health assessment, treatment of disease by natural methods, counselling, and community health education in nutrition and disease prevention. The life of Christ, the great Medical Missionary is studied to grasp the valuable lessons of compassion, empathy and competence. This programme purposes to develop competent medical missionary evangelists.


First Year Core Curriculum

First year students take the courses which are foundational to both Health and Bible streams. 

AGRI125 || Gardening

AGRI125: Gardening (4 credits)

A study of plants, soil, pests and cultivation of vegetables crops for home or commercial production. Students will have a garden project which will put into practice the theory learned in the classroom and in ten-week summer gardening lab.

Soil Preparation in the first term is for 5credits, and Pruning in the second term is for 5credits. Class room instruction must be taken in the first term for1.5credits, and a ten-week summer lab for 1.5credits.

EDUC124 || Philosophy of Christian Education

EDUC124: Philosophy of Christian Education (3 credits)

Explores major issues relevant to Christian Education, thus providing a basis for the development of the personal philosophy of education within the Christian context. An endeavour is made to discover the dynamic relationship between education and redemption, while illustrating means by which Christian principles may pervade every educational facet. Particular emphasis given to implications for the students own life and for the eduction and youth ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

EVMN || Evangelistic Ministries

EVMN: Evangelistic Ministries

Each ministry is designed to impart skills through classroom preparation and week-by-week experience in the community. The fulfilment of the specific evangelistic activities will depend on the current needs and available teachers. Students are required to enroll in evangelistic ministries for one credit per term.

A minimum of 9 EVMN credits are needed to fulfil graduation requirements. Participation is required for every term in attendance.

RELB124 || Fundamentals of the Christian Faith

RELB124: Fundamentals of the Christian Faith (4 credits)                                            

An examination of the entire Bible to discern its fundamental teachings, and preparation of study outlines to assist in presenting these teachings to others.

HLMN130 || Principles of Medical Ministry

HLMN130: Principles of Medical Ministry (4 credits)

A study of God’s natural laws and general physiology as they relate to health. Students will study God’s counsel regarding these laws in the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy, and scientific literature which is consistent with inspiration. Lecture and practical experience will also be provided for CPR, first aid, and herbal and charcoal home remedies.

HLMN 144 || Physiology of Hydrotherapy

HLMN 144: Physiology of Hydrotherapy (4 credits)

A physiological and practical approach to the understanding and use of hydrotherapy as a God-ordained treatment modality and a study of how water of varying temperatures and in various states effects changes in nervous, circulatory, and muscular systems.

Prerequisite: HLMN 130 or permission of instructor

RELB146 || Speech & Homiletics

RELB146: Speech & Homiletics (4 credits)                                                                             

This course is divided into two parts. The first portion covers the planning and delivery of various academic speeches and other public speaking requirements. The last section covers homiletics and the process of planning and delivering sermons. Credit transfer of a college equivalent course is possible for the speech portion, but all students must take the homiletics portion.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

RELB160 || Conversion & Righteousness by Faith

RELB160: Conversion & Righteousness by Faith (3 credits)                                           

A focus on the central theme of righteousness by faith as presented in the 1888 Minneapolis General Conference session. This course is designed to develop the true principles of Christ in the life of the students and prepare them to lead others to the kingdom through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.                                         

RELB161 || How to Study the Bible

RELB161: How to study the Bible
Comprehensive guidelines to help one know how to read the Bible, to study it, and to discover the divine message within it. This will enable the student to effectively impart sacred Bible truths to others as a constant help in daily living.

RELB202 || Daniel

RELB202: Daniel (3 credits)

A study of the prophetic book of Daniel and its fulfilment in history, with special emphasis on the prophetic heritage which stands behind the commitment and growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

RELB204 || Revelation I

RELB204: Revelation I (3 credits)

Revelation I                                                                                                                                                  A study of the prophetic book of Revelation and its fulfilment in history, with special emphasis on the prophetic heritage which stands behind the commitment and growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This term covers the revelation of Jesus Christ in history through the seven churches, the seals, and the trumpets in the first eleven chapters of Revelation.

RELB205 || Revelation II

RELB205: Revelation II (3 credits)

Revelation II                                                                                                                                               

A continuation of Revelation I and an in-depth study of the final conflict of the great controversy between Christ and Satan as outlined in the last eleven chapters of Revelation. This class explores in some detail the events after the beginning of the time of the end in 1798.

SOCI214 || Christian Marriage & Family

SOCI214: Christian Marriage & Family (3 credits)

A Christian perspective on successful courtship and marriage and proper parenting as presented in the Bible and the writings of Ellen G. White. The lab deals with stewardship and other important family principles.

RELB215 || Life &Teachings of Jesus I
RELB215: Life and Teachings of Jesus I  (3 credits)                              
Life and Teachings of Jesus I

A comprehensive study of the life and teachings of Jesus as revealed in the four gospels, aimed at developing student appreciation of the impact of Christ upon one’s own life, as well as enabling the student to present the fundamental message of Jesus to others. This term covers Christ’s life from His incarnation through His transfiguration.

RELB 216 || Life &Teachings of Jesus II
RELB 216: Life and Teachings of Jesus  II (3 credits)                              
Life and Teachings of Jesus II

A continuation of Life and Teachings of Jesus I. This term covers Christ’s ministry following the Transfiguration to the Ascension.

RELB275 || The Sanctuary Message

RELB275: The Sanctuary Message (3 credits)

An in-depth study of Christ’s priestly ministry in the Sanctuary to help the student understand how it is the blueprint of the Christian walk. The Sanctuary message helps foster an appreciation for Christ’s redemptive sacrifice and aids one in realising what their current work should entail as they participate in conforming their lives to adhere to the great commission.

PSYC314 || Principles of Christian Mental Health

PSYC314: Principles of Christian Mental Health (3 credits)                                                An introduction to the principles of the mind, within the framework of biblical concepts of mental health and human behaviour.                       

RELB314 || Prophetic Guidance & SDA Church History

RELB314: Prophetic Guidance & SDA Church History(3 credits)                          

This course covers the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church from its nineteenth-century Millerite roots, its organization and reorganization, and the development of its missionary activities, to its present worldwide expansion. Students will become acquainted with major events, themes, and developmental stages in the history of the SDA church, as well as the relevance of SDA history to contemporary issues in the church.

MSSN335 || Principles of Self-supporting Work

MSS335: Principles of Self-Supporting Work (4 credits)

Concepts from Bible, Spirit of Prophecy writings, and the disciples of social anthropology and missiology as they relate to the self-supporting missionary work. Included is a study of the work of Christians through the ages in fulfilment of the great commission, and an investigation of the present needs of the peoples of the world  and the nature of the task remaining before Jesus returns.

RELB333 || History of the Christian Church

RELB333: History of the Christian Church (3 credits)

An overview of the Christian church from its inception to the present day, with special attention to the great missionary revival and reformatory movements as relevant to the Seventh-day Adventist movement. This course also looks into the history of the Sabbath from apostolic times to the Advent movement.

VOTR || Vocational Training- Practical Arts

VOTR: Practical Arts & Vocational Training

Class room instruction must be taken as remedial work if the student has not previously (i.e. high school/academy) taken comparable classes or cannot demonstrate acceptable skills or life experience. To omit any of these classes,  an application must be made to the Curriculum Committee.

Three credits are required in each of the following practical arts areas:

  • Women: Sewing, Cooking & Gardening;
  • Men: Cooking, Sewing & Gardening

A minimum of sixty-four VOTR credits a month are needed to fulfil graduation requirements. Participation is required for every term in attendance. In addition, all students must spend ten weeks during their first summer in residence participating in a full time vocational training programme.

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