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Loago Setswalo

A native of Botswana, Africa, Loago Setswalo is a 2012 Hartland graduate,He is currently the President of Purelight Missions, A Missionary Training School in South Africa. He is a good student of Bible prophecy, and his desire is to make the Bible simple and easy for all to understand. He has conducted Bible prophecy seminars, parenting seminars, true education, courtship seminars in Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, USA as well as teaching courses on the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation at in colleges in Austria, South America, South Pacific and Southern Africa.


Mpho's Web Picture

Mpho Mogampane

A 2015 Hartland graduate who has a burdern to share messages of practical godliness and practical christianity with the world. Originially from Botswana, He is a talented public speaker and teacher. He is currently a Bible teacher at Purelight Missions and preaches in the surrounding churches on virtually any topic needed.  His style of presentation is simple, easy to follow and engaging. He is a really diligent Bible student.