School Project

God has been very good and amazing in his miraculous provision. We have been able to buy the property, 47 hectares with buildings on the property that need to be renovated. As you will notice in the photo gallery, the main house needs some repairing, and also the storage buildings. This is the main work we are working with now.

Immediate Needs

  • Finalising the Administration building  – We have been able to build the administration block with three offices, a classroom and a staff quarter. We still need to paint,ceil and tile it. We need funds to help in tiling and ceiling the building so that  it’s ready and safe for occupancy.
  • Gathering Materials for the school - Examples of materials we’re looking for include:
    • Books for the library – any used books are welcome especially EGW and KJV Bibles
    • Office Furniture – tables, chairs, computers, printers, scanners, fax machine
    • Media Equipment – Video camera (for video classes for correspondence classes, seminars etc.), camera (DSLR)
    • Human resources – Health Ministry Worker (to teach health classes, working with the guests at the wellness center, coordinating health outreach)
    • Car/truck – for easy transportation of books and other ministry needs.
  • Institute Car for traveling on ministry business – We already have one but we need another one that is fuel efficient to help with short distances for speaking engagements and other Purelight activities.

Please join us in praying for these needs. Our Heavenly Father has all the world’s resources available to Him and we trust His time. If you are impressed to be a part in supplying these needs, please contact us