1. Application Process and Form:

  • Please fill in your application form correctly and ensure that all supporting documents accompany your application to ensure smoother processing. Application forms can be accessed at www.purelightmissions.org/application
  • Take note of the application deadline (31 Dec 2018) and the application fee of R500 that is to accompany your application form. Proof of application fee payment should accompany your application form.
  • Email info.purelight@gmail.com for bank account details and any other application related queries.
  • It is important that you thoroughly read the questions on the form and respond in earnestness and honesty. This can only assist in evaluating your application.

2. Tuition Fee:

  • Tuition for all the different faculties is the same, at R35 000 per annum.
  • On registration, the student is expected to pay a R10 000 deposit towards his/her tuition and boarding. This payment can be made in advance and proof of payment produced on registration.
  • The remaining account balance will be paid in monthly instalments, with the first payment end of February of the year of registration. Monthly instalment payments of R2 500 will be paid into Purelight Missions account at the end of every month. The account balance is to be settled end of November of the same academic year.